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new development version 0.2.9 released. With additional documentation.


new development version 0.2.8 released. It adds spamc support.

other information passes messages in an e-mail appendix to sa-learn.
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last change: 29.10.2012 sa-learn wrapper tool

The use of is to feed sa-learn with a message which is contained in the appendix of an other message. The wrapper tool will unpack the inner message and pipe it to sa-learn. sa-learn is a tool which is shipped with SpamAssassin. You have to use a MTA, like Postfix, or a MDA, like procmail, to call the sa-learn wrapper.

The script bases on the script by Alexandre Jousset. I added a lot of commentaries and the ability to check the source of the piped message against a set of IP addresses. Which that you are able to control from whom you want to accept messages.


Configuration exmaples

You can find find examples about how to use with Postfix or procmail here