latest news


New amavislogsumm stable version 0.76 released.


Finally I added acerkh source and patches.

other information

Here you will find all of my projects. Any comments and suggestions are gladly welcome. Feel free to contact me

last change: 30.10.2012

My projects

  • amavislogsumm: A new version of amavislogsumm, which is a tool that parses through the logfile of amavisd-new and creates some statistics.

  • logwatch's service scripts: Some perl script which work with logwatch and are able to generate some formated statistics about the supported service.

  • sa-learn wrapper tool: This tool gets an email from a MTA, extract the inner message and passes it to sa-learn to feed the bayes database.

  • acerhk kernel module: Kernel module documentation for Acer Hotkeys (originally by Olaf Tauber)

And I also provide the following scripts:

  • rbldnsd init script: The init script and the belonging configuration file for rbldnsd. They are mainly written for SUSE distributions.
  • Is a script which queries a lot of DNS black and white lists.